We have retrieved the most recent success cases related to Bioeconomy from EU-funded Research and Innovation. You can find more information and other stories in this link: https://ec.europa.eu/research/infocentre/fp_en.cfm?item=Bioeconomy

Artificial Intelligence for fermentative bioprocess control

Nanoplastics in biosensors for detecting histamine in wine

Reducing the environmental impact of sewage sludge composting process

Scale up production of oligosaccharides for baby milk powder

Creating sustainable value from used nappies

The sensor that thinks for itself

Food waste as feedstock for 3D printed bioplastics

Decoding 'bubbles' from bodily fluids to diagnose disease

Bioenergy villages wave goodbye to fossil fuels

Newly discovered proteins boost booming biomaterials market

Microcapsules promise long-lasting treatment for diabetes

Jellyfish: out of the ocean and on to the menu